Shared in a whole new way…

So, I am on fire from spending an awesome time with some amazing women in Green Lake, Wisconsin for a Retreat.  I was the retreat facilitator not a first time for me but this time God called me to really share my story using the Biblical story of Ruth, Orpah and Naomi especially as we were being called to a theme of Deepening Relationships.  Kind of like a seg-way…

Wow!  What an experience for many reasons!

I really was honest and was obedient to the Lord knowing that I was with believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Women of all ages were there and all were seeking to be affirmed in their call and journey it was beautiful.  I was saved as a Baptist so to be in the midst of these women was a blessing.  God even took care of me health wise something I will share about later.  In any case, this blog is the result of that retreat a way of being obedient publicly of what the Lord would have me to do because I need to share my story for many different reasons and I need to keep writing.  So each week I will write and share with you what theme or chapter the Lord led me through that week.  Thank you to Sandy another woman of God who has been an encouragement to me and someone else God has been using this past year or more to have me use my gifts.

So I will share because too many of us live on this earth thinking we are alone and we are not.  Too many of us think we are the only ones and we are not so I am willing for the Glory of God to share my dirty laundry and share all the amazing things he has done for me.  So I pray that this new adventure be a blessing to me but also for you the reader.  And, while I believe and worship the Lord Jesus Christ whatever faith or path you are on do not stray for we MUST have faith in these DAYS!

4 thoughts on “Shared in a whole new way…

  1. I’m so blessed to have been one of those women who heard you speak! You have quickly become a precious sister and I’m so grateful that “papi” allowed our paths to cross!


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