A different focus this week…

Things this week did not go as I planned….

Ha!  Isn’t that the story of our lives but we plan but the Creator is the one that orders our steps.  Well, since I came back from the retreat I knew it was going to be time for a lot of my six month appointments with all of my specialist for my autoimmune disease and autonomic nervous dysfunction.  I have other conditions too but you will learn more about that in the book but that is my point.  I thought this week I would write for the book.  NOT!

All I did was order the cd for the dragon software since my laptop crashed and this one does not actually have a cd drive.  Long story short God really had to deal with me about my insecurity about not being a writer and remind me to just tell my story.  So my focus this week has had to just be on pacing myself and being in the moment as the doctors try some new treatments that really have changed me; new reminders, more side affects and some new challenges; but in all these things singing this song.  But all in all in a goo way because I know slowing down is a good choice and just waiting on God before all else is the smartest discipline at the moment.  Even if it felt like I did not write this week I think the fact that God and I talked about it; He will take care of it.  As long as we Trust and Obey and remember that this Battle is His; we need only to REST in the care of God!

Reading Philippians 4, Romans 8 & 2 Corinthians 4 & 5

Sometimes we have to changeour focus but that does not mean we are off track…

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