My body tells a story and continues to do so in a new way….

This weeks writing is more personal for so many reasons…

Let me say this; whatever motivates you anger, hurt, music, laughter, use it to get off the couch and DO Something!!!  Life is short and we need to seize the moment before it is too late and we look back with REGRET!  WE have to move from that place of Victim to that place of Victor no matter how much it hurts so that we can be whom we were always meant to become.

So many emotions I cannot go to sleep I am so grateful to God and I want to write despite how I feel.  Plus, I love being able to have this image of Michael at rest in my arms; what a gift.  Thank you Lord.  I know there are a lot of different opinions on tattoos but I believe they are artwork and expression of oneself.  My body has always told a story even when I could not speak for myself it found a way to speak in pain for me.  Well as I know express myself in other ways I take my pain and joy and use tattoos to express what no one else let me.  But my God does; I pray about it and think about it and talk it over with HIM and then we go for it.  This last one is a story in itself but….

I finally get to hold my baby Michael may he RIP in heaven with his father till meet again. We were both left to die a Saturday morning but this Sat God Granted me the opportunity to give him identity. UNTIL THEN Michael Anthony mommy will live her best life before God.
born 1/19/91-8 am till 1/19/91 roughly died sometime before  11am…We were left but I will never forget; my body tells your story… our story in many ways and I thank God that I saw you and even heard you because it changed me forever!  Because of you  I think I choose not to be a Victim any longer and chose to be a Victor so thank you Baby Michael.


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