What will they say about me?

As some of you may have noticed I did not write last week.   One of things that becomes clearer to me as I spend time with family and friends is that; I have to share my story.  Not only because they give me strength.  But the more I realize we repeat so much unspoken junk; the more I become aware how my past affected me. 

There is so much injustice around me; even in my own family.  How can I remain silent? 

And yet there are family and friends that think I am wrong for speaking up.  Seriously?  No one did for me and I am still healing from what happened to me.   I can’t remain quite are they crazy that would go against the woman of God I am called to become.  I am far from perfect but what is wrong is really wrong and I cannot ignore it.  If I can help just one person than that is what I must do. 

But that brings me to my last thought for this weeks’ blog it is so HARD to write!  Sometimes I reflect more than I can express it is crazy.  It has been a time to reflect on what kind of person do I want to be for my family and friends; not just on paper but in action. That is the question for us all to ponder this week how do we want to be remembered by our friends and family?