Do you know my agent?

Do you know my agent?
Not sure if it’s because this week is the anniversary of my baptismal water immersion celebration or is it simply because I had some time to reflect. Writing a book about oneself can really cause you to reflect upon your life and actions in good ways and in that place… I’ve been speaking at a lot of public events in the last two years and while the Lord has been faithful in keeping me very humble. The Lord also let me know in different ways by the mentors in my life that there were going to be many who were going to seek me out in different ways and I did not understand at the time what they meant or even cared what they were talking about. But recently as I have been getting a lot of publicity and boy do I hate publicity which I did not realize about myself so this is going to be an interesting season. And one of the reasons why I’m probably being forced to write my story ohhh, did I use the word? Forced (lol) I meant led…

I know that God is using me for a greater purpose and ultimately is blessing me in ways I don’t even understand and I am truly grateful. I feel very blessed! What I find funny but also really makes me dare I say angry is the people who have forgotten me and now somehow are trying to include me in their life because I guess of this publicity. What it also makes me think is do they think that I have money? Do they think that I’ve chosen this path for the sake of money? Do they know my agent? A few weeks ago I compared myself to Jennifer Lopez because her mom was my gym teacher in elementary school and we lived around the corner from each other. So I am also from the block and used to ride the 6 train but I don’t have the money that she has but my agent is Jesus Christ! You see I think I just chose a completely different path in life not that it her path is wrong and mine is right but it’s weird to remember someone and know their family and yet feel that you to have arrived. That might sound wrong to people but I’m proud of Jennifer Lopez and her family but I’m also proud of myself. Because I could’ve just been a statistic and yet Jesus used a friend named Marcos who nagged me for almost 2 years before and after church in the darkest corners of the streets in Castle Hill and invited me and the rest of our crew while we drank and smoked to church. He wanted me and the crew to get to know his agent and didn’t want to keep it a secret! Now 22 years later it’s been a long process…

So it’s funny! All these people especially one who want to reach out to me now but didn’t know me then and of course there’s forgiveness and love in my heart but I’m human. So I want to introduce them to my agent and let my agent deal with them. For I can’t help but think about the passages in the Scripture that talk about that what you’ve done to the least of these and lest we forget about that! Christ is watching our actions not on Sunday mornings but during the rest of the week and especially in the darkest places. Are you talking to the children, the homeless, the prostitutes, and the outcast? For what we do to the least of these we have done to him and that’s the scary part for me anyway. I want you to love me now. I want to love you now not when it’s too late! So, to Marcos and to all the many Marcos in my life thank you for nagging me because we all need to be truth tellers and be willing to invite others in the darkest corners when no one else is around. As well as share who are agent really is because how else will they know who Jesus Christ is?

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