Are you kidding me..#!*%?


So, I have this Dragon software or maybe because I brake things but I lost my blog writing.  It really is my fault for not doing it in word.  I cannot blame anyone but me but it was one of those bleep, bleep, moments!!!  When you realize am I trying to do too much?!?

Me not me?!

Pack. Finish a message, edit, write a blog, do laundry and each lunch that is a normal afternoon.  So when with the stroke of when key the screen goes blank……. well let’s just say first words were not so holy and then I laughed because only me.  Then I realized hey you!! A bit much going on maybe you should just finish dinner? Maybe?

So I share because I am not giving up I am going to keep going but this stuff is frustrating when you lose something that you really liked.   Sometimes you just don’t want to duplicate it… You know? So here I go pressing on….

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