The possibilities are endless if I get out of the way!

I am a natural caretaker.  I love taking care of everybody and fixing everybody after all daughter of alcoholic and drug addicted parents and add to that that I am the eldest on both sides.  Oh and did I mention I am all girl!  Forget it I don’t know how to stop.  Even now I made phone calls, folded some laundry, paid some bills and who knows what… I just have too much on the brain.  But in recent years I cannot be like I used to be because my body and brain have been slowing down on me but what you think I need to limit myself.  I am not the Yana I used to be and it is hard.  Suffering with chronic illness is one thing  but autoimmune disease a whole other beast it really has forced me to be good to myself.  I really have to do self care and not just preach and teach but really live it out because if not I will pay for it.

Seriously if I push myself too much I could be in bed for days for doing so; I really need to listen to every ache, rumble, crackle and do my best to be aware of when I am in my way.  In my own way of guess…..  of simply enjoying life!

My body craves slower pace days not so much activity.  So moments when I can lay down and read.  Take a nap, write and be creative.  Moments when I can enjoy life even be with a friend.   Going for a walk, taking in creation and nurturing me so really self care!!!

How are you in the way of you taking care of you? How are you nurturing your soul?  Get out of the way and enjoy life because it is short!

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