Trusting God…isn’t always easy

WIN_20141114_163713The picture behind me was an ordination gift and it is one of my favorite verses “For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 WELL….there is always more to it because of the prophets relationship with the Lord.  I have not written or blogged in awhile because honestly I been depressed by the heavy burden that is upon me with my health.  Today I decided to just write for even a few minutes to share just a bit with you all because of course I am not the only one needing encouragement.  Sometimes the load gets heavy and we need to share with others what is going on we cannot expect them to just know.  As side effects of medicines made my Autoimmune disease issues worse feeling like you cannot see, hear and sometimes talk in the morning thanks to autonomic stuff is weird.  It is hard to explain…But this too shall pass and as I let people in my mood changes.

I know God has a plan!  I just wish sometimes it was easy or that he would come.  Or that I would not …………..

Living with chronic illness sucks and the fact that I look fine most days fools so many people is just worse because they think I am great yet inside argh!!!  But is that not how so many people live without the joy of the Lord.  ?! Maybe not but if people don’t have a relationship with the Creator I cannot believe they are happy because God has a plan!  That brings me calm in all this.  Or I would lose it especially on the days when I need courage to challenge these doctors.

Well I guess what I am trying to say as I need to get going again.  Is not only does God have a plan for us but God loves you and wants the best for you!   So do not give up.  Reach out to a friend a good friend and keep journeying in this walk of life!!!

Trust the process of surrendering to God!!!

Happy Resurrection!

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