My Brother’s Beads: Spiritual Pilgrimage to Republic of Georgia

This is an important task for relationship; talking. I think all too often that is the problem in our relationship with God. We only come when there is something wrong. Not that is the problem it is when we wonder why we can’t hear God. Well, the truth is we are out of practice. WE are not used to hearing the voice of God or seeing the Majesty of God around us. I wanted to reblog this post not only because I read it but prayer beads are a great reminder to pray. How might you be reminded of God today?

In Their Shoes: Women Walking with Women Worldwide

By Patricia Hernandez

I’ve recently returned from a trip to the Republic of Georgia with sisters in ministry as part of a project “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges.” Our project is intended to build bridges between Georgians and Americans, Christians and Muslims, clergy and laywomen. While there we had the opportunity to pray and worship with Muslims from several communities.

Meeting with the Spiritual Leader (Kemal Tsetskhladze) of one community, we visited a number of mosques in his home town.

In one mosque, we were struck by the beads that hung from beams in the great hall of prayer.

May 2015 Interfaith, beads 010Black and red, blue and green, even purple.

Beads of silver,

Beads of gold,

Beads of shiny metal and shimmering glass.

Long laced beads.

Short strands.


Bountiful beads.

As we looked at the various beaded beams,

Kemal reached for one, extended it to us, and invited us to choose a strand…

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