Inspired by LOVE!

Love….something we mess up…love that the Creator wants to give to all of us…Love that we are meant to be part of….Love that we are always rejecting, tainting, slandering, abusing in the name of, hating...L….O..V…E…gently healing what has been hurt knowing that being in relationship will bring us back here again…oh love! And the greatest gift is Love which is why LOVE to you I yield to love me and love others…because love is great and sometimes it can suck but then it so Beautiful. What an artist are you Love!?!

We really think we know people but we don’t know.  I walked in to an appointment yesterday and the receptionist was nasty with me because I was 9 minutes late.  Well I tried calling but it kept ringing, I could not figure how to get in with the construction down stairs which she knew nothing about, plus I walked she did not know and she did not know why I was seeing that doctor none of her business or anyone else’s but seriously.  We take our junk out on someone else instead of just taking a moment. I really wanted to tear a new one but I hear the Lord say my name I was so mad…  I had to treat her in love, oh man@#!  But she did not know about my morning, day or the last two weeks…  We do not know if we are not in relationship with one another….  We really need to remember love can make a difference if we try.

Love in relationship.  Love can take a moment to remember her junk ain’t my problem and she don’t need to know but she does need to recognize I have 15 minutes and I tried calling!!! Oh and by the way construction men are blocking the entrance; which she did not know!  Sometimes information can keep things calm for awhile!  Maybe the Beatles are right and Love is all you need…

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