What do we really know about the people around us?

I think it is just me in recent days and this my rant….

I have been feeling like I am so blessed but also living in the days of JOB!  You see I have so many health issues that I tell no one about because they would not understand or be too overwhelmed about.  So I just push thru!  And tell different friends about different ailments.  Because it is to much and lately I am trying to understand what am I supposed to be learning because I am too tired to listen or speak.  So adventure of writing is more of being sick; especially when you see at least 13 different specialist who would not be tired.?!  My adventure as of late is getting the energy to want to write because sometimes I am so absorbed in the moment; in the woe is me.  If I am honest it is the I do not give a crap mode.

Let’s be honest we all get that way and that is okay! But I cannot stay there.  I cannot isolate myself because the reality is no one is going to really call or visit so I have to reach out to my girls and let them know I need them.  Other people are going through stuff too, its’ just a lot of us want to throw a party where we are.  As a person with chronic illness I cannot I got to live each good moment and look to the hills from which comes my strength.  In my case it is a tree from the window I write but God is present and I am not alone. My faith really gives me strength and I believe I talk with God and it is my everything.

So I guess I am sharing because many have seen me and I have not said much because some of the stuff has been really personal and I do not want to share all of it. But also because we assume things about each other not knowing because we are not engaged in active relationship with the people around us.  If we are not part of our daily lives how will we know and why would people tell us things; we have not earned the right.  Keep that in mind and just pray for those around you and remember to be KIND it goes along way.

In closing I will be trying to share some of the thoughts each month that are going in to my chapter for the book because I really want to get a rough draft out.  In just 5 months I turn 40 and that is one of my life goals I don’t care what state it is in I want the book to be in somewhat completed form for my 40th birthday that is my gift to me so your words, encouragement will be helpful.  Also I will be changing the blog to a different format so be looking for some adventures with me and I with you!

Be good to you!


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