What is your vision? OR WHAT DO YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE?
All my life has been plagued with difficulty. I do not say that lightly people have no idea and sometimes even I have made myself forget.  My parents separated, secrets, lies, abused in secret by an uncle, an alcoholic mother and a teenage pregnancy where I should have died but God has other plans that is the adventure. . .And that is  just a highlight! I am far from perfect for I am human but in the midst of something UNUSUAL EVEN scary God spoke, this  week. In it God let me know what’s ONCE  again Greater is He that Is in me than he that is in the world!
Seriously, Since I was a little girl I called on the name of Jesus because….
I live to share my story and this blog post and this is because I have been holding back and Word is clear so I will press. And my time with my family helped me alot. ESPECIALLY these two: They were around then secrets and BS cut them  out of my life but they are back  and I am blessed by them ( Stacy and Nicole) and their families. .. they are awesome! !!
My vision and dream to practice what I preach and have healing from my experiences.  Has been hard but happening especially as I start  Casa De Michael. What do you want out of life? Nothing worth getting is easy. We all have scars so start learning from life and stop whining!
Con Amor, 

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