A week and still feeling the love!

A week in the Love of the Perfetto, Parra Family and I am still whirling……

I spent some quality time with my family that was finally not for a funeral or not because someone was sick.  For the last 2/3 years that is all I feel like I do is see them for bad occasions it is not on purpose but distance and life… This is Abuela Irene’s older sister family the one that helped me get some roots.  This is her legacy… The ones we would pray for together, the ones she told me stories about as we grieved my grandma and her baby sister.  Aunt Connie brought meaning during a time where I felt lost…  She also brought me back to family because secrets, lies and a past cut me off from that and while I still may not know the whys or what I am closer to home.  Thank you Titi Connie for your willingness to grieve with me.  Rest in Peace and know they  are taking good care of me and I of them; we doing are best to keep up your legacy! We are a hot mess family 🙂

What do I share with you? Love! Enjoy life! Pray for we all need a faith system life is too hard, trust me!  And love the ones you are with…. Especially your elders they are precious!

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