How long?

It is really hard TO DEAL WITH RELATIONSHIPS, ESPECIALLY  MARRIAGE!   Seriously  and nobody wants to be vulnerable about itf!  I really,  have been having hard time with Hot Topic Issues.  How Long oh Lord, will the wicked  prosper? How Long?

It is crazy the way we caught up in ourselves.  The way react  to things…emotions blur our thoughts and vision.  We have to admit that sometimes we can be passionate!  Shit!!! I know that I am a passionate person.  My mouth gets me into trouble sometimes my mind thinks faster than my mouth can hold it in.  Over the years I have learned to listen; especially as a Chaplain.  Listening to stories, watching people, the ministry of presence and the worst part myself seriously!!!

I know we are going to need a place to vent,  I am hoping that I can share my thoughts.   In the midst of all these issues we are encountering we must remember our Lord.  For the Lord made us and cares for us even if we do not understand all His ways.

As we await the Lords coming…


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