Strong Women

Dearest fb friends and family I refuse to fight over Facebook. Dearest Blog reader!!!

I would rather talk but if you know me that is just me. But I thank you for reading and for putting up with my writing!!!!

In the times we are living I realize we might have to do more listening and get ready for action. Which is why I posted America Ferrera’s speech from Saturday it was very moving. We have lots to really consider in the times we are living and who we know; the families we come from, etc…

Not just as a pastor and professor do I consider what I must do? But I care about what to do as a Christian, a follower of my Lord, as a woman, a friend, family member, a member in this world.  I feel that I belong not to everything but to those things I care about and because I care about those things don’t mess with my peeps!  I cannot believe how nasty people are getting and how people are forgetting we are reflection of God and then I want to tell them to F–k off but I am wrong for cursing but they are okay for being poop heads.  ARGH!  We really need to remember that SILENCE is also a side in matters of injustice. So, this is where I feel blessed to come from a family of strong women and realize it is not just the church women that gave me example but my family.

The fighters who fought and continue to fight in different ways my cousin’s Beth, Nicole, Stacy, Valerie, Gloria, Denise, Rebecca, Ana, Chelsie, Cassie, Nancy and Nina and,young ones… they all have a fire that Connie, Ino, Isabel, Irene, Carmen& Olga taught or passed on.   Strong women past, present and future and not all of the same faith.


We all must remember our roots!  Our beginnings but also our Lord and faith.  I believe we can not do what we think is right in our own minds.  And believe me it is more than going to church it is about a personal relationship and way of life with your Lord because it changes you from the inside out.

In these times too we cannot let big government ruin our family and friends that keep us going daily.  We need certain things to survive.  Honestly, somethings are not as important to you daily…Think about what you need to survive!   The rest take it as it comes.  As for speaking out and taking action.  I honestly pray you are seeking wisdom , and knowledge before you speak and realize how it affects those in your lives and around you.   Lastly,  I will post what I believe is necessary.  But please no hate stuff on my page!  Because that is not what I am about and I will remove it or ask you to.  Peace and blessings, Yana

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