41st Birthday!

If I do not care who will?  That is usually how we feel.  But the Lord who made the heavens and earth and all that is… decided to also make me; and you too.  I think that is pretty freaking awesome!

Jesus said do not let your hearts be troubled… And seemed to always be encouraging us because we need it.  One second he blesses us the next second something crappy happens and we want to crawl in a pit and die.  Life has its ups and downs!!!

Every time I try to talk to people honestly they are surprised by what I really have to say because the truth hurts.  Age has given me the wisdom to be a bit more reflective but not for long.  Times are tough!  God made me different and I need to know why people want to hear from me.  Why should I be the voice for the voiceless?

Jesus came to save and heal.  To be with the people. Yet, we have made him PUNISHES and in his absence we have become judge and jury and I don’t like that kind of God.    God wants to be our Immanuel and love, heal and save us but only if we allow God too.  And, in the times we are facing Love is going to be needed over hate.  Understanding over stupidity will go along way and trying to friends will go further than being enemies.  You see when your own mother and father disown you from a very young age and you start raising your brother, a home and self as early as five years old you learn about life real fast…

You start talking to this unseen God…When later you have a real God encounter things change and  your life continues to change.  Life continues to be a transformation process; as Gods mercies are new each morning.

Thank you Lord that I know you!  Thank you Lord that even with all my health concerns I am more than conqueror. Thank you Lord that I lived way passed my 18th birthday goal!!! Thank you Lord that slowly I am getting to travel.  Thank you that I am remembered! Thank you for all that I have now it is much more than I started with.


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