Miracle of Miracles’!

Well, I had a friend from practically childhood come back into my life and it has been bittersweet for me. Not because of him but because of the memories it has brought me. And, it has kinda triggered my PTSD for those of you with PTSD you understand and with the nightmares and anxiety that alone feels like too much to bear. I have been on an emotional roller coaster it is as if someone pulled the rug from under me and things do not have an order that they once had and that is a nice indicator that I am in deep waters.
In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.
H. C. Bailey Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com

My life has been a miracle more than one time over and I take that to heart especially in regards to the time in my life I am being reminded of these days. When I read my medical report God really did the impossible and I really should not have been here. I think I knew that but I really know that now, and I cannot waste any more time. It is amazing to know that God was with me even when I did not “accept him as Lord and Savior”. God still was with me, watched over me, blessed me and forgave me. I think many of us forget that God shows us his love even while we are still sinners. There are many things we do not understand and yet God reveals gods-self to us.

You see this is not a pity party or a self proclaimed thing losing up to 70% of a 14 year old’s blood supply was a big deal! Now I get why they wanted to throw a party for me but still din’t want any of my closest friends which in turn I lost except for maybe 2 or 3. Physically and Emotionally and Mentally this stuff plagues me in a way I cannot explain. Not only am I miracle but I continue to see miracles happen. My life I cannot explain to people because it is so complicated but as I seek to enjoy it; I thank God for my freedom.

The reason why I share is because it being Easter Weekend; The Tomb is Empty. Christ has overcome the flesh, the world, Sin and Death; and he understands us. The wonder of this all is that Christianity is unique in what it does because no other faith has Jesus and nor does it have a model quite like the one Jesus sets. Jesus sets an example seems simple many times but it is difficult in its practice day to day.

Miracles what are they in our everyday and will we recognize them if they happen to us to us; in unexpected ways. The reason I ask is because we tend to limit God and we really should not put God in a box. The more we become a disciple of Christ the more we are transformed Into the person God wants. God has called many to be his mouth piece but we must confirm that calling. I must press on, face things without fear, without such trauma and grief and go in faith. Knowing that the Lord is my strength and Jesus will give me my abilities. We are in control: then Early one morning I was reading this text preparing myself for a sermon and there it was; I could not get beyond it. It demanded that I address it in the sermon. I had read this text all my life, but it had never captured my attention in the Early one morning I was reading this text preparing myself for this sermon and there it was; I could not get beyond it. It demanded that I address it in the sermon. I had read this text all my life, but it had never captured my attention in the past. The words were demanding my attention. The text tells the story of Mary Magdalene going to the tomb of Jesus early on the first day of the week, and then the text says, “While it was still dark…” I know it was in all likelihood meant by John to be only a reference to the time of day, John loves dark and light references. But for me it opened my imagination to a deeper understanding of the text; or maybe just curiosity.

Just like all the women; Mary had been with Jesus all the way. She had seen lives made new, bodies healed, and eyes opened. She had heard the complaining of the disciples and the judgment of the religious leaders. She saw how the crowds adored him and the rulers hated him. She stood under the cross as they killed him, and her heart was broken. She had seen the adoration of the people when they entered the city on Sunday and their hostility when they stood before Pilate at the end of the week. Now it was all over. She may have thought, “The least I can do is anoint the body with spices. Everyone deserves a proper burial. Her heart was heavy and in her soul, “…it was still dark.” Let’s face it. We all have our days when we stand with our dreams in shambles around our feet. Our children go astray. We get the pink slip from our employer, or worse still, the test comes back from the lab as positive.

This happens to good people as well as to those who haven’t been so good. “Why me, Lord?” I go to church with regularity. I even volunteer at church. My life was going so well and now this darkness. What we must all learn, and it is a very difficult lesson, is that it is easy to believe in the sunlight but very difficult to believe in the darkness. It is easy to believe when life is good, but when it turns sour the natural inclination is to feel rejected or guilty. Anyone can walk in the sunshine; only the faithful can walk in the dark. In fact, if you have blood in your veins and skin on your bones, you will have some darkness. No one has all sunshine. Remember all sunshine produces a desert, not a garden. However, a close examination of the text reveals something helpful. When it was yet dark…God was at work in her behalf. He was making a way where there was no way. Have no doubt about it, when things get tough–and they will–it does not mean that God has abandoned you. When the darkness comes upon you, God is still working in your behalf. She didn’t leave Jesus or deny him. She remained faithful to him while waiting for the light.

Let’s examine John’s witness to the resurrection and experience its meaning for our lives. All accounts agree that Mary Magdalene was the first of the followers of Jesus to go to the tomb. The other three gospels mention that she was accompanied by other women. It only is hinted at in this gospel. But the mention of darkness in this account is a part of John’s approach to show that the resurrection is a great light breaking in upon the dark world. He plays darkness contrasted with light throughout his gospel. When Mary arrives at the tomb, much to her distress she finds it empty and presumes that the body had been removed. Tomb robbery was not uncommon. She runs to the disciples with the disturbing news that the body was missing. One can only tell what one knows.

The focus now shifts to Peter and the other disciples–the Beloved Disciple and their foot race to the tomb. The Beloved Disciple, presumed to be John, pauses at the door of the tomb while Peter barges in. The tomb was empty; and the gospel notes that when the Beloved Disciple does enter the tomb, he saw and believed.
The emphasis now shifts back to Mary. Still weeping, she saw the grave clothes and realized that the powers of heaven had been at work. She sees two angels; they were presumably sitting where Jesus’ body had been. She is not frightened and they inform her of the good news. While she was speaking, Christ suddenly appears behind her. She sees the object of her concern, but does not recognize him. Jesus comes to her with great love and gentleness.

We need to realize that in our most difficult situations God is working in our behalf even if we do not know it at the time. He is working to bring light and to dispel our dark situations. The good news is not only that Jesus was raised from the tomb, but the character of God is revealed in Jesus. He is light and he is also love. The angels used this as the perfect opportunity to proclaim the good news, but they were interrupted by Jesus himself. When Mary recognizes who he is, she calls him by the name she has used for him: Teacher, Rabboni.

In her darkness she is ministered to, and her life goes in a different direction when Jesus calls her to go and tell the brethren. Note that his first command as the resurrected Christ is to tell a woman to go preach to his disciples. She becomes an apostle to the disciples. God is piercing her darkness and ours. He not only ministers to her with comforting angels, he calls her into usefulness. Go and tell the apostles. The dispelling of our darkness demands that we tell others in order to complete the cure. As believers, we have difficulty acknowledging that the same power that rolled away the stone that covered the mouth of the cave where Jesus was buried can roll away the stones that have plagued our lives. The power of the resurrection will dispel our darkness and enable us to live resurrection, empowered lives. With some counseling and some dedication we can really change and can realize that we can become a new person on that is actually living an abundant life.

I actually find that the Miracle of Miracles now 26 years later is not even this friend finding me is how the Lord has been having me piece together my life before he even came into the picture. Now, in the midst of PTSD I feel I see clearer than I did before and that is the Miracle.

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