Can only change me…

Reflection, Discussion & Prayer…. I talked about this process with my students; I realized what an annoying critical thinking process! Yet one that is so counter intuitive at times; even for my personal life. But sometimes you just want an answer! No thinking! Especially in relationships when we are thinking back to times of difficulty. When one is arguing with family or just changes are occurring. Or, do you ever wonder why in some relationships connecting takes so long? Me too…
Sometimes you are in a person’s life and you love on them but they are never quite sure how to take it; accept that gift. In the beginning of the relationship it makes sense if their skeptical with your love or kindness. But as days, turn into weeks and weeks, months. Well you know at this point friends and family are involved and when you are being talked about in a third person that too is a sign of something but sometimes out of love you ignore things. Why though? Now years later….
At this point so much stuff has happened maybe even love at this point the love has even evolved into something else but you wonder how did we get here? Did we mean to be here? Is this what was intended? Why always at a distance? It is interesting to see the events unfold.
At this point all one can do is find your take away the good and the bad of the relationship. And pray for peace, healing and guidance to move on. Taking it to the Lord in prayer after you have tried to talk about it but with some people talking is not possible. No point dwelling on it. Give it to God; Let God and Move on to life…
I know it is hard. I know it sucks. But we cannot change others. We cannot waste time. We model love. We do what we can but we cannot endanger ourselves; hurt ourselves in the process. Seriously we must know our own worth too. We must know what we want and humble ourselves before the Lord and move on. We must not again be enslaved because especially as a Christian I know I have Freedom. Well friends. Onward…Press On!!!

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