Seriously? What is wrong with us another disaster at concert; 22 dead. It is so sad. A four year old shot himself. People fighting about whose lives matter; shit racism is real! Someone I love was told as pastor that they were pretty much TOO edgy but in other words too Puerto Rican for their job. Another person was to afraid to see a loved one because of a family members temper because of another member. And my personal favorite of my list and I have long list I was sent to hell because they think I am doing something I should not be doing (once again). Oh my, what the Heck or maybe I should just say What the hell? Has gone wrong with all of us. We have become not just judgmental people. But we have become demi-gods and become Judge, jury and executioner so watch out people. Seriously! My body is in pieces. We will never get along right now we have gone back to the day of the book judges (slavery/backwards) when everyone did what was right in their own eyes. We are so aye/I? I am praying because people have lost it? Or maybe it is just me.?

But you know what I choose Christ. I will live for Christ to my last dying breathe and be kind, be a woman of truth after Gods’ heart, and for sure going to be a HOT MESS doing it. But in all things I choose to be more than a conqueror because greater is HE that is in me, than he that is in the world. So, find your VOICE, YOUR STRENGTH. We ARE all going a little coco for cocoa puffs, but I will take mine with some Jesus Juice Amen!!! THAT IS MY STRENGTH. WHAT IS YOUR SECRET JUICE TO DEAL WITH ALL THE WTH?

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