Right moment?

Our time to enjoy life is now it’s not for us to wait for the perfect moment. We say that life is precious or that it is too short and we say so because it’s true. The reality is is that freedom and living free means to enjoy life in the now. Waiting for the right moment is waiting for never. When is the right moment?

Have you realized that life passes Us by? We become so busy being busy. We’re so busy most of the time we have no time for ourselves anything that is important because we’re always working. I really think that we have  reevaluate. Because again when is the right moment? Life will be over before we know it and we need to do not only what makes us happy but what we’re proud of. Living a life of purpose and authenticy.

I have been waiting for some time for some things to come to fruition. I can’t change other people; I can only change myself. But it is come to a point in my journey when I no longer can wait. I have done all that I can and I must live to be who God has called me to be. I don’t know all the details but I must press forward towards my goals and higher calling. So I guess this time of reflection and at this moment I’d like to share what are you waiting for? Because there really isn’t a right moment. To make a move, have a baby, get married, write a book, take a vacation; we just have to make things happen that we really want! Or one thing’s for sure life and time will keep going….

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