Y. A. N. A.

There is story that I believed for well into my early twenties until I asked my father when I met him.  It was the meaning of my name and that it stood for You Are Never Alone of course it was bull crap!!! A lie an alcoholic mother told her child who probably asked for her dad a lot.  My dad instead told me about his love with Albert Einstein and traveling in the Air Force and how we moved a lot.  And that my mother hated it and always hated working and if it was not for her he would have made career.

I share not because of all of my sob story but because in the early half of my life I really needed to know that I was never alone.  That there was something or someone greater taking care of me just the same way my dad took  care of naming me.  God is always with us in the good and in the bad.  At least that is what I believe that no matter the weather I go with God and it helps me stand strong.  What do you believe? No matter what… Know that none of us is ever, truly alone so, y.a.n.a.  Be of good courage even if there is only one in your corner!

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