Prophetic Rage

I preached on Anger on Sunday; the danger of it. But how some of us need to be angry for some the things that are happening. Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.But A LOT OF US DO NOT GET IT! We would rather talk about it till we are blue in the face than do something about and yet homes are destroyed, children hungry, marriages destroyed, churches closing, schools gone, racism rapid, hate is everywhere Death is at the door. Where is the church you ask? As a minister I ask the same thing because we need rise up? We need to shut up and just pause? Listen take it all in and then JUST DO IT!!! The book of James calls us to be slow to listen and slow to speech.
I think in this fast passed east cost I live in at the moment we need to slow it down because God wants to speak but we are too darn busy! Seriously!?. “When we remain open to be transfigured by God’s divine glory with prophetic rage–remaining open to change, transformation, renewal, and prophetic illumination in the unfathomable wisdom and mystery of God–we open ourselves to amazing possibilities in the life of God. God’s prophetic illumination makes known the unknown, illuminates and lights those shadowy crevices of our lives, challenging our understanding, exposing our blind spots, brightening our imaginations.” (Prophetic Rage by Johnny Bernard Hill)

God is constantly willing to transform us; it does not stop. God gets angry too and all this BS that is going on it just is not right!!! But God hates sin because the wages of sin is death!!! God loves us so much he sent he son to die for us. We need to learn to separate the person from the sin. In any case all the stuff in our world that is going on racism, hatred, health care, climate change, violence, gun control, some of this crap needs to just stop our kids are dying. I cannot stand it! I could not take formal action today in the day today of EDUCATION APARTHEID DAY BUT THIS IS MY STAND; raising my voice!!!For our kids, for us, for women, for hope!!! Fill myself with Hope and God only to get strength for each next step!!! So I am writing letters, making calls, writing here, every little bit helps. Justice!!!

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