Remember that game from childhood, I really do not know if kids play that now as much as they did before.  In many ways it like many people are still playing that game but in REAL LIFE we do not have to play we are better off being real and being TRUE to ourselves for our own sake!  It is better by the best sociologicist, pycholgist, that to be true to your self is to best.  I been thinking about this after seeing Wonder Woman!  Random I know but there was something about her being in the bunkers that she had to be true to herself and what she knew.  I think that is important revelation and it will preach it in so many ways of life.  So many of us say we hate our lives, work, marriages, living situation, etc. but we are the master of our ship! Truth or dare!? Only you can do something about your situation?!  Even the way you speak about your situation everyday breaths life or death every day into that situation; truth or dare?! I can complain about my weight for years or blame someone or even say it is the sugar that makes me this way but never change.  Or for the sake of my 40’s do something! Instead of taking a dare on genetics to give me a heart attack.

Seriously,  I do not know what you need a truth or dare to live the life you want!  I know I can’t keep wating for life to happen.  LIfe is happening and I want to enjoy every second. Be loved!  Just enjoy!  Life is precious and and happening and we need to be our trueselves!!! Period!  So, go talk to yourself in the mirror and remember that God is there too; give yourself that truth or dare.

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