Never no time

Never no time especially when death comes knocking! Another death this week to a very special lady in my family of 92-year-old woman who leaves a great legacy behind. It is amazing! I thank God to have known her and be part of that! Blessings to the family as they deal with that loss but remember that she lives on in us!
Now in this world, we live in and with everything we all do and are part of there is never any time. So it is no surprise people in the family commented haven’t seen you since so and so’s wedding. Things were like this at my grandma funeral and Titi Connie funeral and make me think. Have we not learned there will NEVER BE NO TIME unless we MAKE TIME!!!
If we all want to get together we have to make the time! What the heck? Tell the people you love I love you. We just have to set the date to be with those family and friends and make it happen. It will not just magically happen! This will marriages, relationships, friendships, etc better and let’s not wait for the next funeral! FOR TIME HAS A WAY OF FLYING BY SO LET’S MAKE THE BEST OF IT; FOR WE HAVE ONLY 1 LIFE!

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