In the car is the time I talk to God and I know that some of you might think I am crazy but this next road trip is gonna be hard. But I will tell you about it soon; back to the confession of the last trip with God. There are a few things I know I see because I lived a near death at 14 years old and I think it forces you to not only grow up but to realize that every moment is borrowed and then when you have other heart and health shit happen you cannot take life for granted. So, when you make a decision to become a Christian it is a new beginning and when God calls you friend, daughter and beloved oh my goodness I will take JESUS all the time and I will die for my faith. That if you read my stuff long enough you know is always my confession but when I was talking to my Jesus like I do all the time I was admitting some things like. WELL, SOME OF YOU ARE GONNA JUDGE AND I DO NOT CARE. THERE ARE THE THINGS WE WANT AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS NOT WRONG BECAUSE WE SHOULD HAVE WANTS AND DREAMS AND SO…

I need my God, I will respect you and your beliefs but God is my breath, my parent, my strength and the only one who understand me and accepts me as I am!!! In God I AM found, I am me and so much more. But, there I understand that I want more and that I love for example coffee the smell of it, the warmth of a hot cup in my hands, the first sip touching my lips in the morning, going down reaching all my senses, doesn’t matter caffeine or not. It is a ritual that reminds me of how delicate I am and how God takes in all of me. It is weird but I love my coffee! So confession #2Jesus and coffee what a rush and then looking at nature ahh! What a feeling! The Glory of the Lord~!

I know that I deserve a companion and want a companion. That spends that kinds of time with me like that coffee time, and that is for the book; maybe. One that understands that I am not some little woman but a gift from God. Just like they are a gift from God; we are a treasure to each other period! As it was always meant to be because we are both sinners and you cannot hold shit over me or I over you! We are meant to work together as partners and be each other’s helpmates if not well. I can do bad all by myself because I came into this world alone and I will leave alone. But we were made for a relationship (like good sex) and that is why a relationship is so key; why at this stage somebody please understand we ALL want a companion not to be smothered. We need to take care of our inner issues and not give that to the other and say take care of what my family did not because that is exhausting; trust me! This is so much bigger than this article but I just want to enjoy life, love, God and coffee with my companion but I can also be alone. Because Jesus is my Boo!

In this post, I wanted to share my own personal confessions as a way of showing how they have revealed themselves. Trust me people can make you feel guilty for feeling this way so work it off. I even had a counsellor who said be a duck and let it roll off of you; because I worried too much about others. I really believe we are in charge of our own lives and so we have to take care of what we want. No man or woman is going to make you happy; or when you get Skinner!!! Come on you have to confess do you love______, for who you are? It is only you and there is only one life; so come hell or high water? Look in that mirror! I say Yana has been through some shit but she is strong, brave, loves her God, has more work to do!!! But with some more good coffee, awesome friends, prayer, I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me! Just as I am; this is my season to reap what I have sown! So, pick your head up! You keep walking and go for what is yours!

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