I am here! I have held my breath for too long thinking I would never get here but as of this moment, I am here! I have a home to call my own! Somehow you forgot about me but God did not! God never forgets about me or thinks of me as some burden. I am not some after thought to my God. God does not hold things over me because that is not his way. God does not treat me like shit. Let’s admit it I have been like shit to you for some time not in front of people but when no one is around when it counts when my God is around. And, it has been years and that is why I do not want to celebrate, say I love you or fake things because God sees it all. God the reflection in the mirror…
I am here! And, well I see clearly, can you?
I have aged but I am not that old and I can still enjoy life! Here I will! I will enjoy! Here I will be home! Here I will be! Here I will love! Here I will write! Here I am! Here I will live!
You see the writing is on the wall and it has been for some time and I am going to read and going to figure some shit out and it is not going to put blame on anyone. Because I am an adult and I know right from wrong and well, here is ok! God knows I know what I want better for me! I will only take new life here!