Umm Yaya is that normal?

I am remember babysitting and hearing that question. I always dreaded that question whether I was with my brothers or working or pastor because what is normal? IN the days of me being here in Indianapolis I do not know what is normal I have spent 41 years of my life on the east coast, a city girl that has tainted my view everything people do is already weird then I am here in Indiana and you would think… Well, that is why I put myself in the city with the diversity because I need it. The diversity in ages, dress, language, shades, all of it people are beautifully part of the reflection of God. I have no freak in Idea what is normal?! So, when over the weekend I see all the junk on Charlottesville, Va and the HATE one thing is Clear that is not NORMAL because all of the different-ness is what makes us so awesome and that hate is just evil so when our little ones ask us if that is normal I know we can say no!!! Because they are scared of bullies and we have to teach them to raise their voices not to shut down.
These are not normal times. But we have been here in a sense before but we can not remain silent for to do so is to be part of the injustice. Sin is anything that seperates us from God. And Hate is a sin. I just wanted to stay on the not normal part and just kinda speak up in the midst of all these thoughts. Take care os you and know I am praying!!! I love you!!! You are awesome!!!

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