Getting back to it…

It has been a rough few weeks seriously and I have had to be on my A game starting a new job, new life and then got into an accident, need a new car and then things around the world.  Well; Life is F&!N*)+&G hard I do not hard how good you are trying to be it really is.  You can go to church every day,  pray every day or do what is right in your minds everyday life is just hard but it is also WORTH LIVING!!!!.  I think we all forget that but we must press forward.

I think I wanted To make sure that we all understand that the feelings that we have our normal in this crazy world that we live. (you know you ask people how they are and they are they say I am fine.  I could complain but I won’t) I think that the only thing that is really not normal is being kind in this hateful world. Or, worse can you imagine if we were honest. I think those of us that are willing to build a relationship and to care for one another are the ones that are looked at differently and that’s okay and I think that we are now the risk takers. I really can’t explain all that I’m thinking and seeing but all I know is is that it is becoming more important for me to get back to my writing and more important than ever that this vision of breaking free become a reality.

Those of you that enjoy reading the blog or post on this public domain I’d appreciate your support in topics(let me know on facebook, twitter or here on the blog) what you’d like to see because I really need to keep up the discipline of writing and even the resources and funding all that’s involved in this process. I’ve found some really great sources with #Heather Box and the power of storytelling but finances (they encouraged a go fundme project but I really just want to write this book, maybe hire someone to edit) always become an issue for me so I’m trusting in God because I know this is a season of something special. Sometimes we just need to listen more carefully and not jump at every opportunity that comes our way. And so for me, I am just listening more intently as I continue the project of writing and the challenge of mind body and spirit. For that is what I set out to do this year and that was my goal for my 40th birthday if you even look back at my blogs and see what my intention has been in my heart and what I have wanted to do and so that is what I pressed for. I think we’re living in a world that is calling us to look within and then to look outward and causing us to reflect. So what you need to do? What do you need to break free from? What goals do you need to set for yourself? Because yes life is hard but nothing worth having is going to be easy but we also don’t have to kill ourselves in the process. Life is worth living and there is help along the way! And we are meant to enjoy it! To have a purpose, to love, to be loved, to laugh and to live it abundantly!

May this week you live abundantly with yourself,
love Yana


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