Becoming a Lifestlye…

So, after losing 15 lbs. with and keeping off my FM weight; I decided that I couldn’t keep this a secret. I would have given up in the first week if it wasn’t for the other people that were in the group.  The stories, the positivity, the likeminded people you find and well having a coach is nice and the workouts are doable. Plus, I feel good and after the move, I wanted to get back to exercising. And, if you know me that is a big deal. I want to pay it forward and help others to feel the same way that I do!

It is official! Some of you may or may not know that I have been on a journey to really change my lifestyle, to eat healthier, to start exercising and it has really made a difference this year when I lost 35lbs and I have kept it off.

That is right!  You know me and being so little and all my health challenges so my 40th birthday I have really made it my mission to seek something that would stick and this last year I did.  And that is what I am sharing and making part of my lifestyle choice.

I joined a challenge-accountability group where I get daily support, accountability, motivation and recipes, tips and even inspiration. I seriously have fallen in love with the support, Clean Eating and Shakeology. That gives me what I need for when I eat less and don’t feel like eating.

And, guess what?! I became a coach, and now it is my job is to help you reach your goals by customizing support, keeping you motivated, accountable and sharing what is working for me with you!  I can’t wait to share even more of what I am planning that can help you to feel more confident, SEXY, heart HEALTHY, break family heritage, just feel comfortable in my own skin. Starting this at 40 is scary but knowing that I am doing this after having some health challenges and that I can feel GREAT!  There is only one me!


Feel free as you see my post to ask me for more information; I do not mind sharing…Inbox me because you know something I will not talk about on my wall, so text, email or messenger me.  I just need 7 people for a commitment to being Healthy for the Holidays!  The next group begins November 20th will you commit to yourself? And, let me encourage you! We do not have to overdo just watch what we do and hold each other accountable.  This really is a LIFESTYLE CHOICE for me anyway!  I CHOOSE TO AGE TO PERFECTION!!!  Stay tuned for more changes!!!

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