Stepping out here…

Have you heard of Heather + Julian from the Million Person Project I had not either until about this time last year?  Which is crazy!  Because this year is the kind of year that either brakes or makes; meaning that I am glad that God prepared me for these last three years I am not sure if we are done yet!  Either way I have been writing more now than ever.  Heather + Julian; especially Heather is amazing!  They both have amazing stories to tell and they appear everywhere from Tedtalks, Up worthy, have their own organization which is the Million Person Project and they have helped so many people tell their stories.

End of Sept I got accepted into one of the groups and now the academy but with the way this year has been I cannot afford the cost.  Therefore, Heather & Julian have suggested I reach out and try a GoFundMe page, I really want to share my story:

If you are ready for the Academy, you have two choices to take inspired action right now:

As an Academy member, you will be part of a committed community and you will succeed! Our boot campers will receive special pricing until next Wednesday at $2997 when you pay in full or you can secure your spot today with a down payment of $533.33. If you join today, we are offering a BONUS one-hour coaching session ($300 value), but only if you join today.

Ben Okri says, “Storytelling can conquer fear, it can make the heart grow larger.” I have lived that not just in the church but in sharing my work and doing that in the worksheets with this group.  I am always grateful to share.  Or to know that God uses me.  my voice, and would be honored to have you support in any amount as I journey to grow hearts in various communities and around the world

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