To know or not know!

The ability to say yes is something else I will be writing about… but in order to do that you have to know yourself and if you don’t well. There is so much in my life that has been in the unknown and that shit has pissed me off and interestingly that is what I am loving about Indiana the OPENNESS. I hate lies and secrets; things that are so closed off that others are left out. To know or to not know.
But also living in my truth is what my promise to Michael and myself for my 40th has been about and shit about to be 42 and it feels awesome. To be working with Heather and Jullian!!!!! #MillionPersonPROJECT #Livinginmytruth #setfree
Please consider giving even just one coffee #5.00 please I believe in Casa de Michael in this story in being set free and I know you do too! Much love Yana