A strong woman…

I found a quote earlier today that I really like but I let it sit and I though on it before I posted it. Then I did with a promise to write about because of the kind of week I had. Here is what I did on facebook.
I know some who have heard my story think it is personal but I am a survivor. It is my testimony! I am what Brene Brown talks about in Braving the Wilderness. I am Conflict Transformation. Our world needs Hope….. NO I AM NOT Perfect but see this video I am going to blog more later… Because I want to leave a legacy!

I feel things lacked talked about weakness, being scared, being unsure, doubting oneself so that being true to oneself is leaning into those ugly feelings. My junk and saying so what this is me and I awesome! I think this why people say my story is personal because I am not completely victorious still struggling just happy and in love with God and hopeful because I believe in me. This week I did one of the hardest things in my life facing my first near-death experiences in the face@!!!#% death.
In the Ted talk I shared what this lady is doing is what I have done and want to continue to do in my life and I know it takes guts and not everybody can do it, but I want to leave a legacy because tomorrow is not promised. Yes! That is exactly what I meant to write, and I was fourteen and the time and it is crazy to think that grave could, to some should have been me…. So there is this song by Marc Anthony wrote but Jennifer Lopez Vivir mi Vida
sang for Spotify with a violin OMG…. https://open.spotify.com/album/0Y808JJyzRr0gXTNNDL2bA

If you do not understand Spanish please look for the lyrics in the English and Spanish because it what I mean. We Live!!! We cry! We love but all that we experience we do because we live and as women don’t we because we love? ~!!!And LIVE!~?
You never know how strong you are until you are standing out on that edge and you have to face the storm. I been facing all kinds of battles all my life. My first abuse/trauma I can remember I was 4 but shit I am not looking back like the song says. I am going to enjoy even if I am crying or its raining I am going to live my life. And that is what makes me a strong woman like the woman I have seen in my family and have admired…They fall and they get up!!! What is your goliath fight!!!! Fight like hell and push through the muck, shit whatever because life is hard….. you can do it…I did it you can I am still struggling and we will make it, moment by moment and know you can too!
This the next moment!
Love and hugs,

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