Mama Bear

Can you imagine? Waken up to screaming! To a bunch of men in your house! Pot smoke everywhere; so you and brother kick them out!! Bad enough you are not a morning person!!! Then you turn around to see your mother go after your brother.
Can you imagine it. Seeing your mother going after your baby brother in a drunken rage with an extension cord?
Yeah! Well, I can that was a typical morning on Glebe street! and that is why I only lived there a hot second because that morning I had to push my mother off of my brother who was smaller than me. She was mad that some guy was he kicked out. We were just trying to avoid a fight before her current boyfriend came home from work he worked graveyard. What a mess! She said I hit her. I would never!! All though, now I wish I would have….
That was the last time I was really in that house it was a Sunday and so I took Anthony to church with me I did not know where else to go. I was so ashamed I walked in I felted everyone knew. And plus we had to smell of pure weed and they always put the young people up front. I tried to resist but the ushers insisted on me and Anthony sitting up front; if I could have been a turtle and hide in my shell and die. Please!!!Anyway, I remember it was like yesterday the feelings its intensity. And to top it off we were LATE!!!!!
When Pastor began preaching about all the things it could be about it was about David and Goliath! Are you kidding me! Not this story!!! My freaking brother went up for prayer and that is how God works…
Well, fast forward I did not choose to be in Indiana knowing it was year 25 but somehow I felt like I could just explode!!! I tell you our body speaks even when we don’t it is amazing and God is just wow!!!
I feel so tired right now I think I might lay down… but watch the video if you can I hope you A GREAT HOLIDAY!!!