Story Academy

Well, Happy 2018! Hope you spent a good, Holiday season with those close to you doing all the things you love. Those closest to me know that I have been accepted into the Million Person Project Story Academy and it has been amazing! Now I need to give thanks where thanks are due because God knows there have been challenges with all kinds of trials, no contracts, and me becoming good at applications and job interviews. I especially thank the women of Gulph United Church who have been my family like I have not had since my college days; with cards and calls even care packages it is a blessing. There are other unnamed women who have planted seeds into the ministry of this servant and I know the Lord will reward them. When I first got to Indiana I bought sister Elaine Gonzalez Johnson’s planner “Plan, Pray, Slay” which has been good discipline for positive thinking. I spent some time coaching with her for an intended purpose and she was a blessing and is a gem. Check her out she is in Philadelphia Latinas in Motion and a bunch of other great things!

Now, one of the many reasons why I am writing is because that is what tonight is about so it is a good practice! But also to say thank you for these five years because I may not do this and just stay on facebook live.  Now if anything is your time to speak up because enough people have put down my writing that I am like screw it.  My adventures in writing may end here.  After all these just blogs attempts and a book and what ever chapters I have because who needs this shit? So, I have a lot to do for 2018 and I may slack on this.  And wanted to warn you there may be about 4 or 5 posts.  What are your goals this year?  Are you going to let others dictate?  I am just letting my heart guide me and if this book is guide too bad people!  6 months writing my story@@@!!!!

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