I started, opps! Other Sites

Now, thank God for places where I contribute and their are editors but things like the list below this is all me; OPPSZ! I did it again, Nope not Britney all me!

My Regular site that is the same and my first original blog the true mistakes and learning. Where I really decided…. About writing comes from blogger:

1. http://yanajcpspeaks.blogspot.com/
feel free to follow which ever one you choose but please follow one of my yanajcp’s because they will lead to something not sure yet… but it is coming together.


This was what I used to see as Coffee with Yaya because I started it in 2012 first thing in the morning.

3. Some of you have found Metamorphosis before I deleted it the process of my weirdness.

U see this is a lesson in all that goes on the web is permanent so I now am more careful NOT PERFECT… because I am Human,  but there is lots to think about.  Like am I running for PRESIDENT, or not.  Think and think again.

Yana Speaks.