Yana Speaks

Well a sneak peek to her story would be…. A typical Bronx, NY city kid. Father abandoned them. Incest! Bullied! Secret Teenage Pregnancy! Baby Murdered! Left to die by alcoholic mother! Drugs! Weed! Drinking! Sex! All to drown pain that no one would acknowledge! Lies! Pain! Witchcraft! Another Puerto Rican High School Drop Out! Truancy! Sells drugs to survive! At the door of Prostitution when Christ meets her at a corner! Pain silenced in the body! She begins transforming this pain & suffering into the healing of Mind, Body, Spirit healing of Wellness Living work in 2003. When in 2006 Infertility becomes an unwanted guest in her home. Yana is familiar with Greif, Trust issues, self-care the importance of Truth-Telling! She has been a Professor of Ethics & Justice only giving new meaning to her life work. This is only glimpse of the iceberg of her many challenges that she has turned into Triumphs. It is amazing that says claims her faith is her strength; Yana says, “If I can make it I believe any one anyone
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Official Biography of Rev. Yana J. C. Pagán

Reverend Yana Janiese Cruz-Pagán received her Master of Divinity from Palmer Theological Seminary in 2006 was later ordained by the ABCOPAD region of American Baptist Home Mission Societies.  As a former high school dropout, Yana realizes that she might have followed the wrong path were it not for the help of others. She shares her story because she believes if she can make it, anyone can if they set their minds to achieve. This is a huge reason why Yana speaks out as a motivational speaker and has mentored many since she first was given an opportunity to give back.  As many of her followers know this blog is pieces of her book that soon should be her book or series of books; only time will tell.

Yana has served with the Presbyterian Church USA, United Church of Christ because she is ecumenical in her faith. Yana has partnered with Training for Change doing Conflict Transformation work and Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America. Yana met the Cardinal Pope John Paul II as child and shook the hand of President Carter as adult. There are so many stories and people; Yana seeks challenges as opportunities for growth.  Yana has served as associate pastor, chaplain, preacher, teacher, mentor; all while  working with ABC ministries and proudly a woman of God.
As part of her own therapeutic journey Yana found herself taking on things that would help her explore that; one of those things was crafts.  Yana started painting with the encouragement of one of her Justice students who told her what to buy and shared how it was something that could allow for self expression.  Since then Yana has used painting as another media that allows her to express her feelings; in many ways it is her first choice.  Now, as Yana is writing her book the two are really working nicely together.  It is from their she shares the stories, insights and who she is and how she worships God.  The purpose of this book is to share my story! To share the story of how what happens in the family is all connected not just to that individual and that individual’s body but also to that person’s family and community and the lives that can be affected as a result of the secret; and its impact.

To share how a statistic, high school dropout, teenage pregnancy, someone left to die, all over the place and without help and hope, no dreams whatsoever. Is now Reverend, professor, chaplain, author and speaker is being used by God in ways that the world cannot put a limit on! Yet, to do this while sharing anecdotes of life in a different way, as if you were sitting with me and were changing conversations.  So, of course my book has be unique like me.

 Workshop Facilitator; works for her denomination as a local minister to advocate for those who are marginalized. Contributing author with Mihee Kim-Kort of Streams Run Uphill: Conversations With Young Clergywomen of Color (Judson Press, 2014)Yana is an adjunct Professor at Ivy Tech Community College of Central Indiana Teaching Ethics for the Philolsophy Department.
Which is a little different than the Christian context of Esperanza College of Eastern University, where she taugt from 2010-2017.
There is a story that needs to be shared and that is happening in writing and speaking engagements.  In all roles, Yana is willing to serve the Creator, her denomination and her community anyway she can; focusing one person at a time.